08 June 2006

the cranberries | peel session

it seems hard to imagine now that the cranberries were ever in a position to be offered a peel session. while today they might be largely forgotten, for a while they were huge, a great wailing behemoth of a band, churning out increasingly bland soft rock/pop ditties to be lapped up by hoards of americans (mostly). stories abounded of singer dolores o’riordan’s diva-esque behaviour, while no stories whatsoever abounded of the three sleeper blokes. in short, the cranberries were not a cool band.

but i still remember reading about them for the first time in nme, cutting out the cute picture of dolores and sticking it on my wall, then going out and buying dreams on 7” single. back then they were just a shy irish indie band, first on the bill before stereolab, providing back vocals on moose’s first album, doing a peel session.

sorry, quality isn’t great – these are ripped from a third generation cassette copy – but somehow the hiss adds to the general wispy atmosphere for me.

::: waltzing back (peel session, first broadcast 16 january 1992)
::: linger
::: wanted

zipped here.


unknown said...

sigh! its nice to be reminded of this band and this session. i fell in love with 'linger' when it came out. and i remember hearing the peel session as well... the quality isn't that bad :) thanks!

the blackened air said...

sure! hey, been really enjoying your blog by the way... great mix of blasts from the past

unknown said...

PS. On the strength of this session (!) I've added you to my blogroll :) I'm going to have to dig out some Cranberries again. I do miss them.

the blackened air said...


mp3hugger said...

I lost faith in Dolores after I saw her wedding dress. They were actually quite cute in the beginning before she went over to the dark side.