13 June 2006

random songs 1

no common thread between these songs other than the fact I keep going back to them at the moment. each is quite different from the other. or at least I can't see what they have in common. if anyone can tell me then please do...

a quick note about lily allen: she seems to be flavour of the month in blogland as well as myspace's latest pin up, and so far everything i've heard justifies it. you might be tempted to dismiss her as some kind of celeb's daughter/chav wannabe (and she does kind of remind me of the jaime winstone character in kidulthood, if you've seen it), but have a listen first. if you look hard enough you can find various other mp3s and a couple of mixtapes up for download here and there.

::: regina spektor - us
::: lily allen - smile
::: headlights - put us back together
::: birdmonster - all the holes in the walls

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