30 May 2006

the national

the national are playing in london tonight. i wish i had tickets but i didn't get organised so that's that then. still, at least i saw them at ulu last year.

one thing that struck me during that performance, apart from just how good a band they are, was the curious spasmodic mannerisms of singer matt berninger. frequently bringing his arms up to the side of his face, standing at the back of the stage with his back to the audience, thrasing about like ian curtis - after a while it felt like i was watching dustin hoffman freak out in rain man. i haven't read anything concurring with this view however, so maybe i'm alone in that.

whatver, if you still haven't got alligator then get down the shops now.

lit up (remix)
cherry tree (live on french radio)
looking for astronauts (ditto)
daughters of the soho riots (ditto)

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