28 October 2010

peanut | taylor come home

a complete mystery this record. i bought it when it came out purely because it's on dishy recordings, home of delta and hellfire sermons, and loved it. sadly i never learned who taylor/ian travis is. the record is perhaps summed up by this google translation of the one related blog entry I could find:

I have no fucking idea what this is, but it comes as my 7 "favorite for 3 years. I found in a thrift store that was next to a brothel where he used to go to fuck. It Dishy seal, I do not know what the hell it is. From what I found online this label took some things for a group called Delta to see which were the cabbage in a pussy of gold. Well, Peanut are no less and this single has a face A BRUTAL. A slow song, eternal, rhythm, simple as hell and with a deep voice coil Tindersticks brutal but better. Seriously, is a gem, is the best song in the world and who knows what hell is. Luckily I found it, so that what has been heard, thank God. The B side barely hear it, has been overwhelmed by the previous topic. This makes a guy named Ian Travis, of Liverpool, no fucking idea. Well, he did, the single is 93 and I doubt continue playing.

7" released by dishy recordings in 1993.


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