29 October 2010

minmae/electroscope | life and hope in the psychozoic era/electroscope

been meaning to do this one for a while. these two might be curious bedfellows but somehow this split lp works well. maybe that's because both bands are bloody great. here you can hear minmae edging from their early flying saucer attack fuzz to their later more precise indie rock stylings, while electroscope plough their own unique radiophonic furrow, somehow combining futurism, retro electronics and childlike sensibility. methinks these days they'd find a very welcoming home on asthmatic kitty.

lp released by (the always excellent) rocket racer & airborne virus in 2000.


photo stolen from discogs as i can't be bothered.


pyrolysebred said...

Curious to listen to this one...

devotionalhooligan said...

cheers for this, been enjoying yr recent posts too.xx