08 October 2009

mixtape | loose fit: a baggy primer

like my britpop urge, i've recently been listening to a fair bit of baggy, that scene where former indie no-hopers popped a few e's and suddenly discovered that "there'd always been a dance element to our music". thus bands like the farm and the soup dragons, after years of toiling in indie obscurity all of a sudden were on top of the pops.

the real kings of the scene of course were happy mondays and the stone roses, closely supported by organ ginders insprial carpets and the charlatans. you know all this already of course.

for me baggy kicked off with the james single "come home" and a 30-second experimentation with white socks and tracksuit bottoms after looking at pictures of inspiral carpets' audience in select. oh, the folly of youth etc.

so, once again, here's my own personal journey through baggy, with paris angels song thrown in for a laugh (be grateful it wasn't bridewell taxis). no major surprises here i don't think...

::: the stone roses - she bangs the drums
::: james - come home (flood mix)
::: the farm - groovy train
::: happy mondays - dennis and lois
::: paris angels - perfume (all on you)
::: primal scream - come together (farley mix)
::: the soup dragons - lovegod
::: insprial carpets - move
::: electronic - get the message
::: jesus jones - right here, right now
::: the high - up and down
::: northside - shall we take a trip
::: new fast automatic daffodils - big
::: the charlatans - then
::: candy flip - strawberry fields forever

grab it.


Quitter said...

LOL all my mates loved The Bridewell Taxis when I was in school, probably because they were from Leeds and in the 3 seconds of the video for Honesty that they'd skip past on The Chart Show you could see some Leeds landmarks in it.

I thought they were awful myself.

IHateThe90s said...

Seriously good stuff on this blog! Some people who come to my blog are looking for stuff on yours so I will point them over and add your link to mine. If you could it would be great to do the same. Thanks for all the stuff!