09 October 2009

del amitri | nothing ever happens

not sure this really can be classed as a power ballad, but it's certainly a ballad and round these parts del amitri aren't on any "cool" lists, so in my mind this fits the bill.

i was introduced to del amitri while slaving away clearing tables in a tourist trap in bath. i got talking to a girl (it's always a girl isn't it) about music and she taped "waking hours" on one side and that edie brickell album on the other. nothing ever came of the girl, but i did listen to the tape. not my usual fare but the earnestness of a number of the songs dug its claws into me and have yet to let go.

this is a song destined to play over that scene where the girl sits and hugs herself and cries on a bench in a park overlooking the city.

::: del amitri - nothing ever happens

photo nicked from here.

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