02 September 2009

the reverse | a clean incision

being a huge fan of early 90s indie (ride, moose, chapterhouse etc.), the ep format has always made a lot of sense to me - not as throwaway as single, not as heavyweight as an album. and releasing a trilogy of eps before an album always felt like the right thing to do. hence, "a clean incision" was our first ep and the first release on proper grown-up cds, not cdrs - and the first release on my new label, run out.

it was recorded at the crypt, still in crouch end, north london, and in fact the same building as the church, just not as fancy. but the desk is the one future sound of london used to record "papua new guinea" and that's good enough for me. mind you, the one thing i don't like about this record is the bass - unintentionally over-driven to the point of being a bit flabby. never mind.

we agonised for ages about the artwork and eventually did the sensible thing and asked crayola of drink milk to do it. nice innit.

cd released by run out in 2006.


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