02 May 2009

various | some hearts paid to lie

think of this as a more grown up statement of intent than the "kisser boy kisser girl" compilation (which i'll get round to posting eventually - need to re-rip it), demonstrating that the uk riot grrrl scene was not about huggy bear alone.

this double 7" packages together some of the earliest vinyl offerings from linus, skinned teen, pussycat trash and comet gain, all of whom deliver prime examples of what they're about. from the playground chants of skinned teen to the lo-fi heavenly of comet gain, from the 3-chord confrontation of pussycat trash to the politicised indie rock of linus. nice.

2 x 7" released by wiiija in 1993.

boy/girl revolutionaries.


Quitter said...

Awesome Joe! Say, you don't have the Getting Ready EP by Comet Gain do you? The one with Baby's Alright on it?

Alex said...

Just discovered your blog, thanks for keeping these up for so long after posting. I've been wanting a rip of this for years!!! Thanks so much!