07 May 2009

faith over reason | eyes wide smile

moira lambert is best known for being the singer on st etienne's "only love can break your heart", but she had a band of her own, one that was perfectly capable of scaling the same heights as that single, albeit in a gentler fashion.

i saw them once, supporting the house of love at ulu, a set that i remember chiefly for being jealous of the bass player's fender jazz bass and sceptical of moira's head scarf. sadly i can't remember much about the performance or what they played, but i like to think it was rather like this record: beautiful.

this lp is a collection of demos apparently, though there's nothing rough about them at all.

after releasing a few excellent records on big cat they disappeared, though moira unsurprisingly (the band after all suffered somewhat from the sleeper-bloke syndrome) got her own deal shortly after. i've never heard any of the fruits of that however. you can find a discography here, plus some info about her subsequent projects.

lp released by big cat in 1991.

sorry about the jump at the very beginning. doh. shakey floor.

only love can break your heart.

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Mark Wilsher said...

you can hear moira's recent music at moirasings on myspace. She is now called Moira Campbell and lives in canada