25 May 2009

understand | burning bushes and burning bridges

touring partners of both cable and elevate, southend's understand present here a pretty polished take on melodic hardcore/punk rock, pretty similar to samiam in fact. listening to it now probably at least 10 years since the last time, it's not quite as good as i remember it. maybe it's because i'm not as excitable as i once was, or maybe my attention span has shrunk too far to spend the time it deserves.

either way, i would love to have heard them without the major label sheen, preferably in somewhere like the garage in london after a few pints.

cd released by eastwest in 1995.

has the garage reopened yet?


Anonymous said...

could you reupload it?

Anonymous said...

reup this please, such an amazing band, but can't find this LP anywhere.

joe said...