25 May 2009

coldplay | brothers & sisters

we don't like it when bands get successful. this is certainly the case with coldplay. it seems they're the band everyone lines up to hate, largely because their music appeals to a large number of people.

but i've always had a soft spot for them, ever since the "shiver" single. so here's their first 7" single (though not their first release). "shows promise" i expect lots of people said at the time.

comes in the customary awful fierce panda sleeve (honestly, whoever does/did their artwork should be shot).

7" released by fierce panda in 1999.

the thing about chris martin is that he always seems so super nice.


michelle said...

chris martin DOES seem like a nice fellow. he seems to have good energy behind him. personally, i love coldplay. all their songs have great lyrics and not sugar-pop melodies that are obviously factory made... coldplay is legit, and that's why i like them.

Quitter said...

Hmm dunno. i saw them play around the time of Yellow. A small intimate gig at Leeds' Cockpit, and possibly the most boring I've ever been to.

Simondddddd said...

we all love to pick on the same target, it is sad, there was a free EP with the Independent newspaper aaaaages ago of v early Coldplay demos and or b-sides and acoustic stuff, and it is genuinely one of the most beautiful CDs I*ve ever heard - its brevity and quietness and tunes, swoon.