11 April 2009

warser gate / can can heads | split

i'm surprised to discover this is the first warser gate release i've published. maybe it's because pyrolse bred keeps beating me to it. anyway, here it is, a split single with finland's can can heads, a band i never really cared for, i have to say.

warser gate on the other hand are a breed apart. i'm not sure how to describe them to be honest, so instead let's just say all their songs were improvised and recorded to tape in their own warehouse. which might conjure up visions of extended jam sessions, but no - somehow they managed to channel the taut, demented ravings of jesus lizard and captain beefheart into sharp, spiky 3-minute songs. i released a bunch of their stuff, but not this one.

and having slagged off can can heads, i actually like their contribution.

this has a great sleeve too, but once again i forgot to scan it, so here's an image nicked from discogs.

7" released by boing being in 1998.

i'm feeling slightly unwell.

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