11 April 2009

various | i'll procrastinate tomorrow

for a while it seemed like every tape comp featured boyracer. indeed, when i was putting together the inaugural tape comp on kylie, i wrote to stewart asking if he'd like to contribute and he sent me some stuff, commenting that i happened to catch him in a "yes" phase, he gets so many requests.

as this is a sticky release, boyracer are not the only attraction here - check the live mambo taxi, hula hoop and spatula songs.

::: boyracer - this has gone on too long (demo)
::: evil wiener - we're both crazy
::: mambo taxi - belgium blues (live)
::: corradi kid - this time
::: spatula - break
::: murray torkildsen - stop talking football
::: hula hoop - tula (demo)
::: johanna's house of glamour - only lovely love

tape released by sticky records in 1993.

do it now.

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