12 March 2009

bleach | hard

bleach's last two releases was a pair of mini albums, "hard" and "fast". originally this was to be all one album, but for whatever reason was split down the middle.

bleach were one of those bands that never quite surpassed the brilliance of their first two eps, and i was pretty disappointed when this record came out. the sleeve summed it up quite nicely: fake, bland, conventional.

however, listening back to this now it doesn't seem all that bad. sure, it doesn't have the blistering horizons of "dipping" and "bethesda", treading instead a far more conventional path. but there are still touches of excellence (if not brilliance) here in songs like "hit on me" and "dead eyes". true, everything has been tightened up and locked down, where before the guitars were free to flood your speakers with sound, but the basic elements of metronomic reptitionand salli's strident half-spoken vocals remain.

the sleeve is still awful however.

12" released by musidisc in 1992.

some people think bleach is nirvana's best album.


CHRIS R. said...

"Hit On Me" is blowing my fckng mind... Thank you. Killing Time and the Snag EP are all-time masterpieces, and now I can add this song to the canon... I agree with you that Hard and Fast sound like the work of a totally different band than their earlier stuff. "Fragment" is great too; reminds me a bit of the New Fast Automatic Daffodils' song "Music," though apparently Bleach's song came out a month or so earlier

EarWaxCandles said...