20 January 2009

various | around the world with sticky records: sweden

blimey you don't get records like this very often anymore. at least i don't.

sticky was another brilliant label that seems to have been largely forgotten but should be cherished for releasing records like this. this picture disc was the first in a series (next stop was uk with boyracer and cornershop - not ripped it yet), and features four prime examples of swedish indie pop, less twee more boyracer if you see what i mean...

anyway, it looks great and more importantly sounds ace... a brighter spark might have sought out more records by the bands, especially puffin, but sadly i failed.

1. the bear quartet - capital breath
2. puffin - three-piece
3. a shrine - number
4. blithe - allegiance

released by sticky records in 1995.

get some.

p.s. the eagle-eyed will spot the price label on this - yes, i bought this at rival records in bath. i bought a lot of records at rival records in bath. including this one.


Peter Tron said...

yep, i got this fer summat like £2 £3, 'n' every track a winner i think. I remember peely spinning it back in the day...

P.S:-i have some old out-of-print Bear quartet stuff on me, if you're interested?

joe said...

would love to hear some more bear quartet yes please...