16 January 2009

linus | yougli

debut album from these riot grrrl associates. guitarist andy roberts and i used to exchange letters fairly regularly after i sent a copy of my first fanzine, which featured some rather misguided slagging of the riot grrrl movement. andy called me out on it and we stayed in touch for a while. i think i still have a tape he sent me with a track for a compilation i did plus a session the band did for the mark radcliffe show.

anyway, linus were great, more melodically and sonically ambitious than huggy bear et al - just check the harmonies on 'super golgotha crucifixion scene'.

sadly the band disbanded after andy died in 2005. you can buy a few of the records via the band's website, including a collection of demos by andy and a compilation of self-released singles.

released by elemental in 1994.

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p.s. this is the first thing i ripped and i hadn't set the counterweight etc properly. it sounds fine to me but future uploads should sound better. i'll be posting everything as 256 mp3s, but if you really really want something as aiffs then let me know and i'll re-render.

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