19 January 2009

kill laura | gall and wormwood ep

kill laura were one of those mysterious bands whose records i stumbled across, liked a lot, but never knew a single thing about them. thankfully today we have the google, which tells me that kill laura was the first band of jane weaver, she of misty dixon/twisted nerve and so on.

it seems they were one of those bands that through one thing or another never quite got it together (there's potted history on jane's myspace page). and that's shame because this debut ep is full of frenetic, fuzzy, passionate indie guitar tunes, fronted by jane's powerful, scorned-lover singing.

if you like this then i've got a couple more releases from them coming up.

another crackly vinyl rip. nice.

released by klee records in 1992.

get some.


Peter Tron said...


joe said...

hi, sorry, meant to respond ages ago... short answer is No. and the longer answer is that's the only record i have by fuxa, unfortunately... sorry!

Anonymous said...

hi, just wondering if you'd update the download link again and upload the other Kill Laura eps? :)

i've been looking for this for years.
i had a couple of their songs from a john peel tape in '92.


joe said...

re-upped! will get to the others soon...

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the Gall & Worwood.

what about the their other EPs?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I tried downloading the 1st EP. Can you reup again. Mediafire reports Error downloading file. Retrying...Thanks!