27 January 2009

lazer boy | forget nothing

laser boy were another one of those bands unlikely to grace the hallowed pages of nme. not because they weren't good, but because they didn't fit the rag's definition of 'cool'. keeping your head down and focusing on writing quirky, catchy tunes that don't fit into a particular mold is not very fashionable as far as the nme's concerned. at least it hasn't been for a good 10 years anyway.

freek was a really good record label. i miss really good record labels.

cd released by freek records in 1996.

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edit: i'm an oaf. it's lazer boy. duh. also, i forgot to mention, for those interested, the band was led by chris trout (bear, spoonfed hybrid, ac temple).


D.Lazonby said...

it was co-piloted by Chris Trout!

I have been making loads of music with Graham Bailey,as--Geese..

Chris Trout is playing drums in Smokers Die Younger

high regards

David Lazonby

joe said...

i realised afterwards that of course the lazer comes from yr name and figured i may have underplayed your involvement... just ordered the geese 7" - looking forward to it!

Chief Robot said...

Love Aye Aye Captain and You'll Never Do. Great album.

Anonymous said...

please reup this

thank you