27 January 2009

the crimea | lottery winners on acid

i cleaned up criminal records' $1 bin a little the other day and here's the first of the spoils. i remember when 'lottery winners on acid' was all over the radio in 2006 and it's still a good tune. i never heard anything more from or about the band after that. looking at their discography suggests that this was their best song, judging by the 3 releases by 3 different labels between 2002 and 2006.

anyway, this ep is the 2004 release, with other multi-releae singles 'baby boom' and 'white russian galaxy'. not bad if all a bit radio-friendy alterna-rock if you know what i mean. like eels or someone. eels. now there's a band i could never get even slightly excited about.

released by double dragon music in 2004.


p.s. you can download the crimea's new album for free from their website. good chaps.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that the lot of precious links in your blog had expired.

Hope you reupload them soon, Winners.

By the way it would be also fine to see the new Crimea album, Square Moon.