22 January 2009

john clyde-evans | [for ht/rp/j&s]

john clyde-evans contributed mostly violin and clarinet to many of hood's earliest recordings and you can hear echoes of those records' atmospherics here in this mournful instrumental album. adjectives like 'beautiful' and 'mesmerising' don't quite do this justice. listening to this record is a bit like watching the sunrise: words fail.

john subsequently changed his name to tirath singh nirmala and has subsequently released records under both names. seek them out. here's an interesting interview with him from 2006.

released by fisheye in 1998.


p.s. i ripped this a couple of years ago on my old turntable. the sound could be better - one day i'll re-rip it.


auden petal said...

any chance you could re-up this? would really love to hear it.


joe said...