10 December 2008

moose setlist

aaah, those were the days.

this set list was swiped from the stage of the town & country club (now the forum) in london after the house of love had left the stage. the gig was number 2 in hol's 3x set of gigs. the line up at the t&c was the cranberries, moose then hol. sadly we missed the cranberries and half of moose's set, having been at the first gig at ulu. but it was worth it to see guy and co at ulu.

check this scan of a review of the gig from select magazine - check page 2 for a photo of me grinning like a loon as i got off the bus (note the inspirals "joe" tshirt). it was an awesome night.

flip the plate over and you've got autographs from everyone in the house of love. my friend pete got these for me at the boston arms - i was too much of a whimp to ask.

::: moose - boy

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