09 December 2008

kylie fanzine #1

i'm back from the uk, and i brought with me various "papers" that i've hoarded over the years. and so begins the laborious process of scanning them in.

the first fruit is the first fanzine i ever did, back in i think 1992, with my friend conrad. it has some bands that i still really love, like moose, beatnik filmstars, bleach (though it's a rubbish q&a!) and pram. some that have disappeared into obscurity (coma and zu). and even one i didn't particularly like at the time but now rather do (adorable).

and it has tons of adolescent hand-ringing about everything from riot grrrl to sex. still, at least we didn't waste time sitting on the fence.

i miss this pritt-stick-and-scissors approach to design. it's all too easy these days.

Kylie Zine #1

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