01 October 2008

oxford collapse | bits

on sunday i had to drive to the delightfully named city of cumming for an afternoon of lazer tag and arcade games. but first i had to spend 20 minutes trying to find a petrol station with any actual bloody petrol. then about 40 mins queuing to fill up. which is a long way of saying that i had ample time to listen to this third album by oxford collapse. and ample time to decide that buying it was a mistake.

a bit like the times new viking album, oxford collapse rather seem to hope that if they shout loud enough maybe we'll take notice, that an urgent manner and lots of confidence make up for the bad singing. what melodies are there are generally drowned out by the general frenetic squall, turning the feat of getting through the whole album into a bit of an endurance test.

maybe it's a "grower", but for now it sounds to me like superchunk minus the tunes. see what you think.

::: oxford collapse - electric arc
::: oxford collapse - back of the yards

after all that i'm noise i'm in need of some light relief:

::: half man half biscuit - four skinny indie kids drinking weak lager (peel session)

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