30 September 2008

various | more tell-tale signs of earworm

back in the day, earworm was one the uk's most impressive and highly collectible record labels. like wurlitzer jukebox, it was one of those labels that out art before profit and therefore poured huge amounts of money into the coffers of gramofonove zavody and the like, with little hope of seeing much of it back.

that said, earworm's catalogue features an impressive number of household names - that is if people like obscure indie bands in your household. we're talking bands like yo la tengo, bright eyes, fridge, of montreal, spacemen 3 and the apples in stereo.

their speciality was a mixture of space/kraut/post rock and elephant6 psychedlia, and it's well represented on this compilation of sold out singles and exclusives. this is the second of two - wish i had the first...

1. echoboy - scene 30
2. left hand - piero manzoni
3. the apples in stereo - behind the waterfall
4. the minders - right as rain
5. ma cherie for painting - salut salut
6. green pajamas - missing miss. maccoll
7. gnac - the moustache
8. screen prints - her name i don't remember
9. love machine - ge lightbulb
10. lenola - slipping under the shadows

1. epic45 - the motorway journey of hope
2. cul de sac - the portland cement factory at monolith california
3. the gerbils - big white limo
4. southall riot - a warp in my dreams
5. force - the sofa
6. kimonophobic - super highway
7. the slowes - searching for larry playfair
8. portal - 'hydro-electric' version ii
9. opia - abstack
10. sunray - fire inside

dirty pants, clean botty.

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