28 August 2008

various | le jazz non

i've never really "got" noise - noise as in merzbow, aube and smell & quim. to me that's all it was, noise: squelchy, flangey, digital noise. what's so great about that? and why on earth would you need tape after tape after cd after lp of it? no wonder the recording methods and packaging so often overshadowed the actual content.

but, as always seems to be the case, there's noise and there's noise. once upon a time, certain sections of the underground music scene were all about new zealand noise, which was far removed from the japanese noise described above. nz noise seems to be about the silences as much as the noisy bits, about by turns soothing and spooking, not brutalising.

the scene was spearheaded by the label corpus hermeticum, run by bruce russell of the legendary group the dead c. and le jazz non is a fine, fine document of that scene.

1. to kiss the wall - gate
2. invisible - rain
3. witcyst play piano is spirit - witcyst
4. look out! the fucking hot jet - thela
5. it's all just - sandoz lab technicians
6. howsomever - empirical
7. the encompassing - omit
8. event (edit) - rst
9. acidez mmx 0'4° - doramaar
10. minus eleven - lame & sorry
11. the kaballah of the horse pegasus - a handful of dust
12. 4:02 - surface of the earth

the night is a dark time for me. *re-upped!*

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