14 November 2011

50holehead | climax tailings

...and suddenly 2 months have gone by... anyway, hopefully you've downloaded the may queen in july comp and enjoyed one of the standout tracks by 50holehead - in which case, here's a whole album of the same quality.

tim whalen was an american living in tokyo. possibly he still is. i have no idea. at the time he had his own label (didn't everyone?), semi-roar, releasing his own stuff alongside the likes of italy's onq, argentina's reynols and nottingham's warser gate. he would also send me little clear plastic bags that i used to package later releases in. handy.

this was my 50th release.

tape released by kylie productions in 1999.


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Jon said...

Great to see you back, dude... you should post that Father 7" if you get a chance since I've combed the internet and it's nowhere to be found