02 September 2011

various | the may queen in july

this is the best tape compilation i did, and i never bloody released it. i spent 2 years compiling it, was very excited about it, but then its completion coincided with the collapse of my tiny empire in 2000. oof.

anyway, at 2 x c60 it's a monster - 42 tracks in all - and it's basically dedicated to four-track pop, so expect lots of hiss along with the tunes.

and there really are plenty of tunes to be had here, from:

::: charlie mcalister
::: father
::: southern charm pageant
::: remora
::: crayola summer
::: inca eyeball
::: girlboy girl
::: mad planets
::: courtis
::: werewolves on hashish
::: in tundra
::: tegan fraid (age 3)
::: hood
::: caleb fraid
::: 50holehead
::: jalopy
::: michelle glaw
::: fink
::: plundershop
::: warser gate
::: smirkworthy
::: elk
::: catkins of jazz
::: food
::: november 1959
::: frank peck
::: will simmons
::: drekka
::: i hail taxis
::: cocker spaniels
::: ring
::: mandorris
::: crosseyed
::: my place in space
::: shy rights movement
::: swingset
::: wagstaff
::: princeton reverbs colonnial
::: george willard
::: fernando

2 x c60 nearly released by kylie productions in 2000.

part 1.
part 2.


Zekk said...

thanks for this. great blog.
what's the story behind your label? i'm intrigued.

all the best

pyrolysebred said...

Kylie Productionen of Bath/Norwich! I bought some stuff from you in late 1996. I thought I had bought the 'Deliberately lo-fi' cassette from you, but I can't find it anymore :( However I just dug out 'The sound of 'um' compilation, as well as some flyers and the lists of goods of July 1996 & September 1996. I feel like a lo-fi archaeologist ;-) Anyway, I hope you're doing well. It would be nice if you could post more of those Kylie cassettes.