23 August 2011

various | neon signs in a dralon sky

the first release from fisheye, the label from paul wild, who ran the distro of the same name. for a while there fisheye was the best source of decent underground tapes, records and zines in the uk. and the label released some quality stuff too.

unsurprising then that this cassette represents a pretty decent snapshot of that scene, with sounds both noisy and tuneful from the uk, us and down under.

it features: children at play, paste, tea culture, prick decay, brown tower, omit, the shadow ring, hood, scaredy cat, calvin party, goosewind, wizard ho ho, moist, refrigerator, polyp, 70 gwen party, derv, lichtenstein girl, superfluous, bucknalls, jack geek, my deviant daughter, earl + osram, the golden mile and w.o.r.m.

for a full tracklisting view the discogs page.

tape released by fisheye in 1994.



Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for all the great music, love the rare stuff. Wonder if you can fullfill a request for some R.O.C. on Setanta the LP. Looking for another one the Cheryl 12" too, R.O.C. Girl with the crooked eye ep can be found on another blog.

Anonymous said...

...oh I almost forgot to say most welcome back :)

J. Will said...

Holy shit thank you so much for this

fpunky said...

Discovered your blog for the first time, trying to find a copy of Neon Signs. Thanks for the share.

paul said...


Cheers for ripping. My master copy of this gave out a long time ago.

Good to have just discovered your blog. I feel download excess coming on .....

Cheers. Hope you are doing fine.

Paul / Fisheye

Anonymous said...

Cheers for ripping this Joe. My master tapes are far too warped for me to make a decent copy of this.

Paul / Fisheye