11 August 2011

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this is a digital version of a compilation i put together for my own enjoyment in november 1991 of some of my favourite tunes at the time.

this of course was in the days before itunes and therefore the days before the shuffle button and the playlist, when you'd either have to listen to an entire album straight through or waste a lot of battery time fast forwarding on your walkman to your favourites. or you just made your own playlist on a trusty c90 instead.

mostly contemporary and basically fairly predictable for a dedicated nme-reading 17-year-old, listening to it now - almost exactly 20 years later - makes me glow like the ready brek kid. and i still listen to many of these bands and these very records today.

the above image is a scan of the cover i made for the original. i often wonder what happened to the kids in the photo.

::: my bloody valentine - lose my breath
::: simon & garfunkel - homeward bound
::: the wedding present - mothers
::: chapterhouse - then we'll rise
::: neil young & crazy horse - cinnamon girl (live)
::: ride - unfamiliar
::: daisy chainsaw - get real pleasure
::: thousand yard stare - 0-0 a.e.t.
::: tubeway army - are 'friends' electric?
::: ned's atomic dustbin - selfish
::: lush - sweetness and light
::: kingmaker - when lucy's down
::: power of dreams - does it matter
::: ratcat - getting away (from this world)
::: hole - garbadge man
::: bleach - decadance
::: the cure - pictures of you
::: ride - chelsea girl
::: neil young & crazy horse - cortez the killer (live)
::: babes in toyland - the quiet room


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