24 August 2011

inca eyeball | he has a brain the size of a fifty pence piece

this record blew me away at the time just by its very existence - an actual 12" lp by inca eyeball?! they're an acquired taste i guess, one that i acquired on my very first listen.

"for best results, pretend that you like this record."

it has 117 songs.

lp released by fusetron/carburetor in 1995.


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fpunky said...

This is the most minimal record I've ever heard. They make the Minutemen sound long winded. Some of there fragments would have made interesting songs . I hear shades of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Giant Sand and Pavement, among others. I would have guessed this album came out in the mid 80's rather than the mid 90's. Discogs say they're still active in 2011 but they haven't any releases post 2000. I don't know if this LP has much traction (for me). But Im intrigued enough to see them live, if they came to a club near me.