31 August 2011

father | night classes

as promised, here's a third father tape, and the last one i have, and indeed the last one i know about. anyone know if there were others?

the eagle-eared will spot a few duplicate tracks on this one to the other two, though slightly different versions.


at some point i'll rip the 555 7", though i suspect someone else has beaten me to it.

tape released by cakehole in 1996(?).


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ROOKSBY said...

I was responsible for Cakehole tapes, way back when... Father were a terrific band, I'm still confused as to why they never made it bigger, they had so many great songs? I was really chuffed that they let me circulate Night Classes on their behalf, & it ended up being one of my most dubbed releases as I sent copies to everybody & anybody at the time! There are still probably only 50 copies (tops) in existence though. Really nice to see somebody uploading this stuff... cheers!