29 August 2011

father | dancing major

only just getting round to posting this one because for a long time i couldn't figure out the tracklisting, but finally i've realised where i was going wrong and now it's all sorted. give this a listen and you may understand my confusion.

anyway, i released this one, and very proud of that i am too. father were brilliant. if you've got the 555 7" of the same title then you should know what to expect: brilliant pop songs poking through a thick layer of hiss and warped time signatures.

sadly i did this rip a long time ago and it's only at 128k, but then somehow that seems appropriate anyway.

i've got some more father stuff, including the night classes tape and one or two tracks destined for a compilation that never made it. on their way.

tape released by kylie productions in 1995.



Jilted Barfly said...

I've got this tape and the Dancing Major 7". A superb band with lots of joyous crud encrusted pop songs. I think they put out another tape which I'd love to track down.

Thanks for uploading.

joe said...

they released at least 2 others - Night Classes (which I'll be posting in a couple of days) and Nature Boy: http://theblackenedair.blogspot.com/2009/03/father-nature-boy.html

Jilted Barfly said...

Thanks again for the uploads.