07 February 2011

various | make a wish

first post in a month and first mixtape in a while too. these are all relatively recent chillwave-ish songs. chillwave is obviously a horrific term, but there is a certain reverby thread that runs through these.

lie back and think of the jesus & mary chain.

::: wild nothing - cloudbusting
::: twin sister - lady daydream
::: washed out - belong
::: crystal stilts - shake the shackles
::: still corners - don't fall in love
::: la sera - devils hearts grow gold
::: beach house - i do not care for the winter sun
::: boy friend - d'arrest
::: mean wind - kingdom come
::: sleep∞over - la-rose
::: school of seven bells - bye bye bye


1 comment:

pinkpressthreat said...

Hey about time we had another of yr "Comps"..listening now,and liking v.much - cheers,Joe :)