22 December 2010

various | huggy nation/kisser boy kisser girl

i've posted a couple of tracks from this before (in 2006!), but never ripped the whole thing, so here it is in all its glory. this is still one of the best compilations i've ever heard, partly because it contains some fine songs, but mainly for the spirit and energy it conveys. i bought it from a then rare visit to rough trade in covent garden and was immediately inspired to do it myself. the whole concept is so rough & ready, it was hard to listen to it and not want to have a go.

anyway, for the uninitiated, this comp encapsulates the emerging brighton riot grrrl scene, with huggy bear at its epicentre, featuring:

huggy bear
blood sausage ("fuck you & your underground" is probably still my favourite song from that scene)
the legend!
mambo taxi
mambo taxi
gabby lionheart

the tape is full of snippets of film dialogue and uncredited music, some of which is identifiable and some not. as such sometimes it's hard to say when a track finishes and another begins so i just stuck with the official tracklisting. anyway...

tape released by soul static sound in 1992.



Anonymous said...

The O-Nightmerica(and a lot more) is available here: http://obscurowidr.blogspot.com/search/label/The%20O .Thought,you might be interested.Don't you have any 70 Gwen Party full-lengths(apart of Peel sessions)?Would be nice to hear.

pinkpressthreat said...

Already got this but nice post.Thought I'd take the opportunity to say how much I love those two "Quiet before The Storm" compilations I got from you a couple of months back..astounding stuff,beautifully put together.This is the kind of compilation that should be in the shops.

joe said...

Thanks for the O stuff - lovely.

And thanks for the nice comments about the Quiet Before comps - obviously I agree!