12 December 2010

in heaven | aquanova

i was sent this tape to review in '93 (i think), and i liked it straight away. i don't know anything about the band except they're from devizes in wiltshire (uk), and as far as i can tell this tape comprises all the songs they released. meller welle produkte released a 7" with 3 of the songs, plus i included the title track in my first ever release, "deliberately lo-fi" (which i'll get round to ripping eventually).

anyway, they have a very early 90s sound - think early bark psychosis, slowdive, butterfly child with added haze and distortion - and while it may have dated a little, regular visitors should realise this is right up my street.

tape self-released in 1993.



Biggie Samuels said...

Is that an A.R. Kane sample on the title track? Obviously a big influence, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have just uploaded their ep onto itunes. I know the band well, great times. Spaceman 3, AR Kane, Seefeel etc. Love it

justin said...

This was my band..... i had no idea any of this was here.... what a nice suprise!