07 December 2010

girl of the year | halo

the internet barely remembers this band, which is a shame. mind you, i found a review i'd written years ago of a carter usm gig that told me i'd seen goty supporting, and i don't remember them either. hm.

i had the first 2 girl of the year singles, and liked them both, but somehow managed to misplace them somewhere, possibly about the house, possibly in a skip. anyway, i got this (3rd?) one off ebay recently...

7" released by badlands in 1995.



Anonymous said...

Great record, thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit like Adorable don't you think, especially the b-side. Thanks for posting this.

syed druglord said...

THANK you for sharing this! i've been searching for it forever....any idea what happened to em? I had the 4 track CD single years ago---and it was brilliant.

phil said...


I was in Girl of the Year and we did do a tour with Carter but we were always on about 7pm so nobody saw us to remember us. We made 4 singles in total. We also did a split 7" for an American fanzine with Drugstore. Halo was probably the best release though. The last one, Breezer was utter shite. There was an album recorded then re-recorded for whatever reason and then we split up without releasing it. I recently listened to it again after 14 years and i say with absolute confidence that it's not aged well and is best left unreleased.I wouldn't say it was embarrassing but you'd hardly raise your arm to say, 'this is me'. I was going to press up some vinyl only copies but i only have so much space in my attic.

As for the Adorable comment, we loved Adorable but the b-side was my attempt to rip off 'trigger cut' by Pavement. I just wasn't very capable.