05 November 2010

70 gwen party | the searl brothers

definitely one of my favourite 70gp records, like depeche mode if dave gahan had been savagely murdered (er sort of).

7" released by snape in 1993.



pinkpressthreat said...

Can't thank you enough for this- without John Peel I never would have discovered this unique band and without you I'd have had to rely on a couple of moth- eaten cassettes so cheers cheers and thrice cheers mate :)

devotionalhooligan said...

totally breathless.xx

Peter Tron said...

i've now got all their records, if you're short of some, give me a shout!

P.S:-i have a bout 30 cassette label tapes [some kylie ones there, [possibly?]. I was gonna put 'em on eBay. Have you ever had any luck on there with stuff like tape label cassettes?

joe said...

hey peter. i don't have any 70gp releases before scorching i think... need to track down some originals.

tapes - no i've never sold any. sadly/stupidly i got rid of tons of them in a fit of decluttering. huge mistake... what have you got?

Biggie Samuels said...

"Autokiller UK"! "Autokiller UK"!

Of course, I already have the version from the Peel Sessions compilation, which I assume was downloaded from this very blog.

Frankie said...

Not sure why but this mediafire link is the only one of the 70GP posts not working for me..grrr

Have you got the Tex Dove Experiment Cassette release from 1997? If not I'll post it up for you on my blog by way of thanks