08 November 2010

70 gwen party | the killing of victorian britain

70 gwen party's last record. noam noam noam.

7" released by snape in 1997.



Peter Tron said...

can i get yer email? Mine's peter.tron@googlemail.com

I have your 4 shingles!

wingtip slote - santa on the crappa
bingo trappers
i'm being good
small things

I also have the 7" comp. that has the very last 70gp track on [h.city angels]

Peter Tron said...


p.s:-i'll give you the complete list of tapes i mentioned in the last post when i get yer email addy! [might be some free tapes winging there way to yer!]

pinkpressthreat said...

Thanks a million- I want everyone to hear this band!
For me their music soundtracks modern Britain perfectly

Anonymous said...

Hi Thanks for posting this.My brother was one half of 70GP. I only have this on viynl.

pinkpressthreat said...

Please tell your brother thanks for putting out such brilliant music.It really was incredible and thak God Peel recognised that ;)