27 February 2010

navigator | a little astronomy

bares the same slightly menacing air and reverbed guitar feedback of killtaker but edges toward the (moderately) lusher sound of later releases.

7" released by noisebox in 1996.



Peter Tron said...

again, Joe, cheers!

joe said...

pleasure peter! another to come tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Here's a recording of Navigator playing a song called "At the End of the Day" live.

joe said...

excellent thanks - where did you get this?

Anonymous said...

A friend of a friend knew one of them (in Oxford, maybe?) and gave me some live tapes and videos a few years ago. They were a good band, weren't they? Very odd. My friend told me he saw them in London once just playing instruments made from the gas pipes in the house they shared and some amplified chains and loose smoking wires. Not very safe, and nothing like the songs they released - full on noise, shrieking, screaming: like a soundtrack to Auschwitz, he said. Like I said, very odd indeed, and a little bit frightning. Do you know what happened to any of them?