20 November 2009

various | gigantic 2

i was one of the lucky 50,000 or so who got to see nirvana's second performance at the reading festival in 1992. it was my first visit, just for the day, and i'll never forget bouncing up and down with everyone else to "in bloom" trying to save my reading fest poster from getting crushed while clutching a plastic bag containing this great indie compilation cd.

put together by melody maker, it's a pretty good survey of the early 90s indie scene with a good smattering of bands demonstrating the scene's inherent quirkiness. so i'm glad it didn't get crushed to bits.

::: the breeders - i just want to get along
::: pale saints - a deeper sleep for stephen
::: cocteau twins - the high monkey-monk
::: see see rider - rosey singer
::: mazzy star - ride it on
::: souled american - buck dancer's choice
::: the clean - i wait around
::: galaxie 500 - flowers
::: lush - scarlet
::: the shamen - pro-gen
::: kitchens of distinction - shiver
::: lightning seeds - 15 reasons
::: band of holy joy - right as rain
::: pussy galore - seattle
::: loop - blood
::: the sugarcubes - eat the menu
::: marc almond - my death
::: cranes - untitled
::: birdland - hollow heart

cd released by melody maker/rough trade in 1990.



Dan Moynihan said...

Thanks for this! Seems to be missing a few tracks, though.

joe said...

damn you're right! will dig out my copy and re-rip it. will do it at 320 as a bonus.

joe said...

re-upped at 320 with the missing tracks included!