06 October 2009

insides | clear skin promo

not had a chance to listen to this properly yet, but this is a 12" promo geurnica/4ad put out to promote insides' "clear skin" record. this record was of course a single, long long track, so it's not surprising on the promo you get a couple of edited versions. plus there's "further distractions", an extrapolated version of a "euphoria" album track that was also included on the limited 7" extra.

according to this release's discogs page, the release of this promo against the band's will was what led them to leave the label. but i remember kirsty telling me in an interview that she had had to beg ivo to release "clear skin" in the first place since guernica was meant to be for one-off releases only. so who knows the truth of this.

12" released by guernica in 1994.


image knicked from discogs as, frankly, i couldn't bother to get the camera out.


Grk! said...

Thanks for this.

Grk! said...

Thank you for this.

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Influenza said...

I do love you mate!

NarooN said...

Thanks a bunch! Such a limited and ultra-rare release that I couldn't find it anywhere else.

Jeffrey Prosser said...

A gajillion thank yous for posting the mighty and underappreciated Insides/Earwig discography. Euphoria got me through coming off of heroin. Well, maybe not that, but certainly an unpleasant St. Ides hangover. Cheers.