23 September 2009

wolves! (of greece) | wolves! (of greece)

this is the one and only release by nottingham's awkwardly punctuated wolves! (of greece), a one-sided 10" of songs that basically all run together. i could have chopped these up into individual tracks with fades etc but clearly that's not how the record is meant to be heard so i didn't.

anyway, wolves! is something of a uk hardcore supergroup, featuring as they do simon of bob tilton on vocals (doing his usual paranoid poet thing), plus various past/present members of gringo stalwarts like reynolds and lords. their sound is like a blizzard meeting a firestorm played through a massive amplifier. not sure why they only every released one record, but then there's something perfect about that.

10" released by gringo in 2004.

*removed as it's still available for sale, from gringo.*


Chris Summerlin said...

Or alternatively, actually buy it and assist independant labels who can't afford to press records only for them to show up as free downloads: www.gringorecords.com

joe said...

erk sorry chris - for some reason i thought this was out of print. should have done my homework. have removed it anyway...