09 September 2009

mixtape | 090909

i'm not one of these people that reads great significance into dates like today's, but that doesn't mean i don't get a small thrill from it. plus it makes for a convenient mixtape title.

i've been listening to lots of britpop lately for some reason, perhaps i'm homesick/nostaligic. but i've steered clear of that for this - if you like that kind of thing then you've probably got it, right? as usual, this is a pretty random mix of current listens, old & new...

::: years of rice and salt - plankton
::: the cravats - i am the dreg
::: rocket jockey - db onion ass
::: the stretch heads - 3 pottery owls
::: a witness - raw patch
::: the mercury program - from athens to rome
::: pram - omnichord
::: blue roses - i am leaving
::: dub sex - time of life
::: riceboy sleeps - stokkseyri
::: sick lipstick - come get yr. eggs
::: dragon or emperor - part of me says
::: dark captain light captain - questions (hatchback remix)
::: indian jewelry - everyday
::: the nightingales - crafty fag
::: irving klaw trio - jizzo the clown
::: kaki king - night after sidewalk


1 comment:

Biggie Samuels said...

More Dub Sex please, we're British.