28 September 2009

john davis | blue mountains

for most people, if you know john davis at all, it's from his collaboration with lou barlow as folk implosion, a band i first heard via their chocolate monk cassette debut. "everyone" of course knows lou, but here's a later period album from the wispy-voiced other half of the duo.

to me, john's music is all about silence and fragility. my favourite song by him is his contribution to the shrimper compilation "abridged perversion", "i had a dream i was down by the ocean" - it's so dreamily wistful. i only got this album recently - his records are sadly hard to find these days - but on cursory listen it's very much in that vein.

as far as i can tell he hasn't released anything since he left folk implosion in 2000 - i wonder what he's doing now.

lp released by shrimper in 1997.

get it.


Novemberer said...

Thanks for this, I've defo got the first couple of John Davis LPs stowed away at my folks' place (plus his Shrimper 7") & your post has reminded how great they are... x

Anonymous said...

I own this LP (luckily found in London ages ago) but I don't have an LP player anymore, so thank you very much! I'm still lucky eheh

Anonymous said...

I sold this LP some ten years ago and every couple weeks since then Jeep Cherokee would pop in my head. I started searching torrents and file sharing sites for this album over the past year or two and always came up with bupkus. I'd given up hope! So this is all to say, THANK YOU!

John Scull said...

I have the Blue Mountains CD if you are interested. Contact me at jlscull@gmail.com

John Scull said...

I have the Blue Mountains CD by John Davis available. Very nice condition. Let me know if you are interested at jlscull@gmail.com.