03 September 2009

inca eyeball | leave the country

if you don't know, inca eyeball was a duo from stoke, comprising phil of betley welcomes careful drivers/ashtray navigations and joincey of face like a smacked arse/millions of other bands. their modus operandi was simple: put tape in cheap tape recorder, press record, hit things and sing, release it. all their songs are very very short, which means ripping their releases, only one of which made it to cd, is not for the faint-hearted. thankfully crayola is made of stern stuff and he's ripped a couple of them.

this particular release was a co-release between bwcd and my own kylie label. but thanks to the royal mail i never got my copies of it. this loss proved to be the final straw for me and i packed things up soon after.

but the record is great - i belive it's the one and only inca release to have been recorded in stereo - an impressive feat. sadly i never got a single copy of the 7", just a preview tape. ah well, fuck the music business.

7" released by betley welcomes careful drivers/kylie productions in 1994.


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Alan said...

Thank You! I remember Inca Eyeball from the John Peel show. I think I remember intending to buy their record one day but it never happened.