13 August 2009

the element of crime | the things you do for love

rowdy one-off release from a riot grrrl supergroup, featuring members of linus, huggy bear, blood sausage, skinned teen and sister george.

according to skinned teen's layla "chris wrote the lyrics crouched down in the tube station we were waiting for bratmobile to come. the studio was toe rag [later made famous via jack white's patronage], which is the same place a lot of billy childish/holly go lightly stuff was recorded, really rad old equipment and atmosphere too. it was a drunken party style recording, songs all written on the spur of the moment."

sounds like they had fun.

7" released by soul static sound in 1993.

get it.


Quitter said...

Never heard this one. Wasn't Soul Static based out of the RT shop too? I had the first Comet Gain single on SSS - that's before I decided to give away all my CG singles in the pursuit of a girl. Idiot.

joe said...

yup - i think it was the covent garden shop, though not sure why i think that. but hey.

Quitter said...

Yes I was thinking that too - Covent Garden. And there was another I think, Lissy's - run by a guy who worked there (Jamie?) that put out some singles by Stereolab, Delgados, New Bad Things etc.

joe said...

oh yeah i have a few lissy's records. hm, could do a good feature on labels run out of record shops: sss. lissy's, warp (originally right?), norman whiskey... erm erm

Quitter said...

Warp was a shop yeah.

Didnt Replay in Bristol have a label? I swear they put out something by Flying Saucer Attack or Movietone or something.

Crash in Leeds had a dance label based in it called Bassic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vmua7gYjnNc)

Monorail in Glasgow MUST'VE put something out - and it's owned by Stephen Pastel right?

scraping the barrel, like.

joe said...

monorail - yeah must have. geographic perhaps? not sure about replay, though i think you're thinking of planet records. i'll bet you one of the guys who ran that worked at revolver in bristol at some point (as did dave fsa). must be a ton of band members in rec shops of course. i remember a guy from the heads working in replay bath, ian drummer for beatnik filmstars working in our price in bath, etc.

Quitter said...

Planet - that was it.