14 June 2009

mixtape | drift

after a stressful week last week, and in anticipation of a similar week ahead, i've spent the weekend doing as little as possible other than reading a mindless thriller and listening to music. i'm constantly tweaking my itunes, creating new playlists, correcting genres, etc. when your library is over 300gb it's the only way to keep track of things and be sure you can listen to what you want when you want. plus it's nerdily satisfying.

and here's a selection of songs from this weekend's playlist. it started off by listening to james blackshaw and spread from there. call it interesting background music that lets you drift.

::: james blackshaw - past has not passed
::: the black heart procession - the waiter no. 3
::: boom bip - the use of unacceptable colours in nature (mogwai remix)
::: tortoise - speakeasy
::: july skies - it's late in the day for love
::: auburn lull - seaforth
::: labradford - v (harold budd remix)
::: stars of the lid - requiem for dying mothers, part 2
::: estonian philharmonic chamber choir - pärt: zwei slawische salmen: psalm 131
::: yann tiersen - kala
::: pole - rondell zwei
::: aerial m - safeless (peel session)
::: town and country - hat versus hood

get it.


icastico said...

Beautiful selection.

I suspect you have been rummaging in my music collection.

You may find stuff to enjoy over at my place.

Maybe start here: http://penmallet.blogspot.com/2009/06/aboombong-ambientrance-dub-dozen.html

H. Tristan said...

Excellent mixtape.I've listened to it a few times now, and it gets better with every listen I think