03 June 2009

dog faced hermans | unbend

if you read this blog regularly then chances are you're aware of a band called sarandon and the band's despotic leader crayola. he and i have been friends for quite a few years now, close enough not only that he put up with my bass playing for a good couple of years but he's also allowed me to plunder his massively enviable record collection. think of a highly collectible record released in the 80s or 90s, preferably one that involves lots of scratchy guitar and photocopied inserts, and he's got it, and has had it since it was released.

anyway, fortunately for you he's letting me post some choice cuts up here, and this is the first fruits of that.

i'd never heard of dog faced hermans before i met crayola, a crime given how great they were. hard to pin down, but they fit right into the ron johnson crowd of big*flame, bogshed etc - lots of trebley guitars, occasional breakneck pacing, booming bass, and add some trumpets and a general marxist air and you're sort of there.

here's their debut single.

7" released by demon radge in 1987.

get it.


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love the dog faced hermans!


Anonymous said...

this is good stuff, sir. thank you

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this is good stuff, sir. thank you :)