10 May 2009

new bad things | i suck

this record came like a bolt from the blue courtesy, as usual, of john peel. combining an infectiously ramshackle tune with a litany of people who suck (bowie, lou reed, elvis, tom jones, nietsche...), it represents a pinnacle that new bad things never again achieved. the other two songs on this single are pretty good too though.

as a bonus, here's an alternative version, not sure of the provenance of this - i got it on a compilation of festive fifty tracks.

::: new bad things - i suck

7" released on sticky records in 1994.

and he's welsh.


Ed said...

Thanks for posting this, have three quite different versions of this, as I also have an mp3 of the man himself playing it on his Festive Fifty in 1993.

Ed said...


Great track we've just released it as a free download from the SL Records website, as part of our new digital singles club, two tracks avilable for free each month, one a 'lost classic' one a brand spanking new track. You can download I Suck along with a brand new Dufus tracks here http://www.slrecords.net/download_slsc02.php

Alyssa said...

So glad I found some of their music. I've been looking for their song "The Dirge" for awhile and can't seem to find it anywhere.

If you have it I'd be so grateful!

joe said...

hi alyssa, check out my latest post...

Carl Lyons said...

A great song. I remember hearing it on Peel too and it made the Festive 50 that year too. I'm lucky enough to have got a copy on 7" too ad I understand it's pretty rare